Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Big welcome back..... to me! plus ELF studio mist and set

If you are reading this then welcome back to my blog! Its been a bloody long time since I've posted, to be perfectly honest I've felt a little uninspired with products and Ive had quite a busy few months! In a nut shell I've moved house and now live with my amazing boyfriend. So after 2 long weeks of packing, 20 cardboard boxes and 5 car trips, my beloved make up collection and me now reside somewhere new :)

I've not really been blown away by much recently until it came to this product! The ELF studio 'make up mist and set' has been sat in my draw for almost a whole year and it was only till recently when I saw a blogger ( really sorry but I have forgotten who) using Mac studio fix with a stippling brush that I thought I'd try it like that.

I do my foundation, concealer and powder then I spritz the 'mist and set' at arms length. I then lightly press the mist into my base with the stippling brush. It makes my base look really natural, stops the powder looking too matt or cakey and keeps my make up on like I've never seen a product do before. Everything not only lasts longer it also stays looking 'fresh' all day, I find myself not topping up anything at work which is amazing, especially for a product that costs a crazy £3.50!

Hopefully this amazing product has broken my writers/cosmetic-aholic block and I'll be back posting more frequently!