Sunday, 26 September 2010

Colour at Max Factor

How gorgeous are these images from Glamour (oct 2010)! I've never been 100% sure about MaxFactors colour launch as it seemed alittle unsuited to the brand but I love how innovative they have been with their colour combos, while still keeping it quite low key to suit their brand. My fav looks are the two tones nails (I have always wished I had a steady enough hand for this) and the black and white 60s eyes.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Who would have thunk it...

Lancome is a brand I very rarely look twice at but when I saw their new 'French Coquettes' fall 2010 collection I swooned!!! My fav is the Rose Absolu, shown below.... its a very fair plumy pink blush, perfect for Autumn's fairer skin (if my fake bake will allow)
and the Ombre Magnetique, which are high pigment glitter 'creams' that lancome sware can last up to 24 hours.... night out makeup, with morning after work makeup all in one.... yes please!

blush me... blush you...

I like to check out superdrugs very own Benefit copy cats, the brand 'Me Me Me' every time I'm walking poast just for abit of market research. On my latest trip I was pretty stunned to see they have taken the copying another step further with their own box'o'powders, the boxes of blush Benefit is well known for. well....... not to disrespect my roots but the colours were fasinating! Shown below in a not very clear photo, (from the top) Pink, a MEGA electric pink shade, Rouge, was the prettiest coral/plumy tone, gold... which explains itself and coral... a unbelievable bright orange!!!
A little part of me actually wants to buy the coral colour just out of curiousity of what a bright orange blusher looks like! (watch this space) Unfortunatly I have to say... pretty awsome colours, in a very 'familiar' packaging and they feel like a beautiful texture!

Monday, 6 September 2010

definatly not WILD curls

Last week I bourght Boots 17 new mascara, wild curls £5.99. I know that most people say you get what you pay for, but I've mainly found that with mascaras that isnt always the case, my favourite ever mascara is volume clubbing by bourjois which I think is about £8, but this time everyone was right. I didnt like this mascara at all, although I think it is because of what I want my lashes to be like. I like lots of volume and this made my lashes look very thin and spidery, it did however stay on very well and curl the lashes without curlers. Recommended if you want more of a natural look, but not if you want any type of volume.

I've been abit slow on the mint green

So I finally bought the mint green nail varnish I had read about ' The Saturday's' wearing. I felt like a complete celeb hore, but if it works for frankie... I bought Revlon's 028 'Minted' and it was 2 for £8 at boots so I also bought 030 'Grey Suede'...... they turned out to be the best nail varnishs I've ever bought. They are indestrutable for atleast 2/3 days at work and normally varnishs dont last 2 hours (and thats even without a top coat!) The colours are sheer'ish with one coat but go perfectly opaque with the second.
and the 2 for £8 offer doesnt run out till next month, so I might have to invest in some of their really rich emerald greens and darks purples for autumn.