Monday, 31 January 2011

How wrong I was....

I was recently introduced to pixi woo, ( ) by a friend from work, and basically spent a whole day watching their tutorials. I saw a few brushes that they constantly used and thought I would try them out. The main one I have used so far is the Mac 217 blending brush (£15).

Now to be perfectly honest I've never really "got" the whole Mac thing, Ive tried a few of their products and liked them but at my local store I find the staff rather unhelpful and abit intimidating so I've been kind of put off. However, I bought these brushes online and the service was bloody amazing, haha, really short sign up form and then they were delivered in 2 days, and all for about £3, which is cheaper than getting to my nearest Mac store.

The 217 brush its self is absolutely hands down the best thing I have ever bought from Mac, and certainly the best brush I have ever bought. Its used for blending colours together, and really good for blending darker colours into the crease line of the eye. The brush is really soft and hardly removes any colour so it spreads really well.

If you are trying to create blended or contoured eyes or looking for a good starting brush for your kit its most definitely worth the money. Watch this space for the other 2 brushes I bought...

Friday's Chanel purchases

On Friday two great events collided, pay day and Chanel's spring colour launch.... its safe to say my bank account took a battering!

I bought the limited edition eye palette 'Ombres Perlees de Chanel' (£39) shown below and the varnish 'black pearl' (£17.50)

The eye shadows are very soft and because of this go on way better with a sponge applicator so dont bother trying to use a fancy brush. The colours had a very metallic finish to them which could put some people off, it you dont like the shimmer I really recommend the spring quad too.

The white/pearl shadow makes the eyes look loads bigger and brighter and the darker colours can make a really unusual smokey eye because they are slightly green. I think the colour I might use the least is the middle purple just because I have an irrational fear of purple eye shadow, but at almost £8 a shadow I might force myself!

I love the new varnish colour, which for once has come out alright in the photo, its a dark green/grey colour, with a metallic finish. The varnishes have great hold, mine has been in almost in perfect condition since Friday! The only problem with this colour is that the whole world and its wife has bought it at Boots so we all look like twinnies!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


In Boots at the moment you can get a free Nails Inc polish, worth about £10 when you buy 2 bottles of diet coke! Here are the colours:

They are called Caramel, Denim, Plum and Heather grey.... and I got all 4 :-). I love nails inc varnishes because they dry super fast and the colours are really opaque and completely matte. I cant really say alot for their staying power, but to be honest I destroy any nail varnish after 2 hours at work!

Now I've just got to work out what I'm going to do with 8 bottles of coke....

Offer ends in Boots store Wed 2nd Feb.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Bella Bamba!

woooooooo my favourite time of year, new box powder time! Benefit's box powders are my absolute favourite products, the new one is called Bella Bamba (£24) and launches in store on 28th Jan. To be honest the first time I wore it it did scare me alittle, it is seriously PINK but 3 people that day told me I looked radiant and its true (haha no modesty), it looks like you have caught some sun in the cheeks without looking tangoed

The powder is a fuchsia pink shade with a gold shimmer to it. If you have used the box powders before you will notice the new box shape with the mirror, its fab and Benefit have changed the applicator brush to make it a much better shape to apply the colour.

WARNING: You do have to be very light handed with it, it goes very pink very quickly! For the best finish, I would recommend adding abit of bronzer to contour the cheek bones.

Oh my gloss!

This week Benefit extended their range of ultra shine lip glosses (£14.30), and this includes my old favourite re vamped 'Life on the A-list'! This is the best selling gloss by far at Benefit and now I have a shiney new one :)
The ultra shine glosses come in a huge range of colours, they are mega mega shiney and not too sticky as glosses go!

If like me you are obsessed with nude colours on the lips you have to check this gloss out!

Here is a swatch of the colour:

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Another sleek purchase....

Its no secret that 'Sleek' is my absolute favourite cheapo brand and today I added another product to my collection, the Face contour kit in Light (£6.50).
Ever since I was introduced to it at college I've always been totally shit at contouring, but obsessed with knowing how to do it because I have no cheek bones! After watching many pixi woo tutorials on you tube I decided to have another go at it.
This set is great because the shader is totally matte, which is often hard to find, and the highlighter only has a slight shimmer, not as shiny as products like High beam.
However the set doesn't come with a brush which is abit rubbish, although saying that they usually but really poor quality brushes in these sort of sets so maybe that's kind of a positive!

Heres me having a little go, although I have put far too much on because the colour wasn't showing up on camera (excuse the pajamas!)

Really good product if you have never tried contouring before, especially because it comes with a how to guide!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Max Factor new lip stain

After reading a million great reviews about this product I finally bought Max Factors Lipfinty lip tint. I purchased the colour 06 Plum, and although it doesn't really show up in the photos its a dark plumy red, perfect for this season.
The tint is a long lasting formula that holds its colour really well. I would recommend using some sort of lip liner with it because it bleeds loads and the colour sticks to really dry areas of your lips so as it wears off it need topping up on the rest of your lips or you look like you have been in a fight. On a positive note though I LOVE the colour and the matte/stained look it gives. I also love it because it tastes yummy haha, although I'm sure I'm not meant to lick it!

Chanel spring colours 2011

I got a sneaky peek at Chanel's new colours for spring at work the other day and I just have to say that I was mentally bankrupt after seeing them!

The new 'must have' varnish is "Black pearl" and I absolutely have to get my hands on the eyeshadow palette 'Ombres Perlees de Chanel' which can both be seen in the picture. There is also a beautiful Rouge Coco lipstick in a matte peach, a colour that looks set to be seriously on trend for spring/summer. The new collection comes out at the end of Janurary.... soooo excited!