Saturday, 31 December 2011

Sale purchases

I really do love a good bargain, but I absolutely despise shopping in the sales! I cant stand the messy rails, the horrible people and the stressed out staff, so I normally just by pass the January madness completely. I work to the rule if I didn't want it full price then I don't need it when its reduced! Preaching all that though, I did buy a little flutter of things, which I saw grabbed, and ran to the check out with out any interaction with the vile pushers and shovers, and here they are...Stocked up on some snow fairy at half price because I love it. I adore the smell and I love the fact that the smells stays even after you dry your skin.

I got the YSL volume effect faux cils mascara for £14, which I thought was a pretty good find. I used this mascara years ago and thought it was great but I have heard nothing but bad reviews about how quickly it dries out. I decided to try it out at a cheaper price to see what happens, if it dries out before the recommended 3 months though I will be taking it back, as should everyone else!

I saw on twitter that Clintons cards were selling Yankee Candles at half price so I went to check it out. I like very sweet smells and this flavour, 'mango salsa' was the only sweet smelling one on sale. If you like fresh fragrance then go check them out because there was loads! I'm getting alittle obsessed with scented candles recently so I only picked up a small sized one for £4.

Finally my only piece of clothing was a top from Zara, which I went to buy full priced and realised I had forgot my purse, so it going in the sale was a sign from above I think! Nice lacey number, in pretty much the only colour I wear, Perfect!
What other bargains did anyone pick up? Everyone else seems to find amazing deals in the sales, so let me know...

The lion sleeps tonight...

I recently asked a blogger friend who is also conveniently a hairdresser about what hair brushes are good for long hair. She gave me some advice and I went away and looked at the brushes I was using, after abit of investigation I realised that the brushes I was using were EIGHT years old, and even when I bought them they were crap and I think possibly from Primark! For someone that loves their hair as much as me this was pretty awful, so off I went to Boots to invest in some better brushes, and here are the results.
I got three, the Denman extra large head hugger for styling, the Denman natural bristle brush for 'grooming' and the tangle teezer for general brushing.
I have never really got all the fuss about the tangle teezer, I just thought it looked like a dolls hair brush. However friend of mine recently said that it worked wonders on her horses mane, and if its good enough for a horse its good enough for my mane. It really is amazing, it makes my hair really smooth, and I also love it for pulling my hair up into a pony tail (excuse the pun) really neatly.
I use the natural hair brush for smoothing my hair once its dry and it really has made a differene, I've noticed using the two denman brushes has meant Ive been using my GHD's less, which is always good.
The extra large head hugger is the brush that I use the most for styling. Its super big and has a hollow inside to let air circulate. It really grips hair when blow drying and I've actually been able to blow dry waves into my hair myself nicely for the first time ever, usually I just get in a tangle. If I take my time with this brush when I'm blow drying there really isn't any need for any more styling, which has been a mission for me all my life, to try and save my dying locks from any more heat!

What brushes do you recommend for great looking hair?

Look what I got for Christmas...

Thursday, 15 December 2011

November empties

Now, you would be forgiven thinking that I made a mistake when writing the name of this post, especially after seeing the above photo, but no this isn't actually all the things I brought in November, this really is all the products that I FINISHED! Albeit, the Nails Inc top coat did just die and wasn't finished, but its still heading for the bin, so I thought it counted.

So here they are,

Soap and Glory, clean on me body wash... I love all the soap and glory products really because of the smell, I love anything sweet like that. Other than the smell, its really just a creamy body wash nothing spesh!

Dove, nourishing oil care conditioner, I've already written a post about how much I love this conditioner, its really intensive but doesn't leave the hair feeling heavy, it works wonders on my long dead hair. I thought it was the best, until I used the nourishing oil care intensive conditioner which is even more amazing!!!

The remains of my Clinique 3 step, clarifying lotion and dramatically different moisturiser... I decided to buy the 3 step last xmas because it did wonders for my skin in my teens, but I think its too harsh for my skin now. I don't think I'll ever use a product on my face again that can remove hair die/fake tan stains off my skin (clarifying lotion)! The dramatically different lotion however was a lovely moisturiser for the summer, because it was light weight but really nourishing, and I may buy this again next year.

Boots, Botanics soothing eye make up remover... best eye make up remover for the price... FACT! Every time its on 3 for 2 I stock up on three, I can never run out!

Liz Earle, Instant boost skin tonic... I really fell in love with this 'toner' actually. So comforting on the skin, especially after a slightly striping cleanser. It makes the skin really soft and I love the smell. Its basically a matter of time until I find a Liz Earle counter and re-buy this.

Olay, 3 point super serum... I am obsessed with anti-aging serums, even though I'm still in my early 20's, I firmly believe prevention is the best cure. I do however think this serum was designed for a quite mature skin, so I didn't really feel much benefit from it. It was a gorgeous texture and if your concerned about firmness of the skin I would give this serum a try. I'm currently using L'oreal youth code serum which I think is a much better fit for what I want, and I will be writing a post about this soon.

Benefit, You Rebel lite... the only make up product in the bucket, this has taken me an age to finish, and I have instantly opened my back up. Its a really great tinted moisturiser, mainly for dry skin though, I would say its abit shiny for an oily skin. Also always ask for a sample if you are sensitive because the SPF can some times cause irritation.

and finally the Benefit foamingly clean face wash sample... really great cleanser for a dry skin, but does it beat cleanse and polish? no sorry Benefit, back to my old faithful I go :)

I'm sorry I've been MIA recently, life has just got super hectic. But I'm pleased to tell you that I start a brand new job on Monday which I'm super excited about :) yey and hopefully I'll have more time for blogging!