Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Cha Cha Tint

On the 25th June Benefit are introducing another member to the famous tint family, Cha Cha tint. If you have never tried either Benetint or PosieTint they are red and pink cheek and lip stains. Here is the newbie, Cha Cha Tint:Its a 'mango', bright orangey coral colour, with a creamy gel formula.

I really love this on the lips, it gives quite a red/coral colour, that you can see below. The colour dries matter and stay of for about 6ish hour, it does fade slightly through the day though. The tints always last for yonks in the jar too because you use very little.

I am not a fan of it on the cheeks on me, although when I tried it on training it looked amazing on some people, especially fair blondes. I don't think I really like the sheer colour look on my cheeks haha.

Its really on trend colour at the moment too and will be lovely for summer if I ever get a natural tan :(

Chanel Autumn/winter 2011-12 Collection

Got some very exciting pictures of the Autumn Chanel colours, and of course the new must have nail varnish colours. I love Chanel's seasonal colours!

Polishes, how beautiful does Graphite look?:

And the bit I'm most excited about... the Illusion D'Ombre, shimmery cream/gel eyeshadows:

Any bits caught your eye? It makes me sick thinking how much I'm probably going to spend when this launches!

Sleek Luminaire Highlight Concealer

With me being abit of a Sleek addict I had to pick up the new concealer when it arrive in Superdrug. Its my life long struggle to find the perfect concealer for under the eyes as I have very dry under eyes, with large dark circles.
At first, I'll be honest, I wasn't actually very impressed, it felt abit thick, if you compare it to classics like 'Touche Eclat' and the colour looked very light (I got a L02, 2nd lightest shade). But as I started to take photos for this blog post my opinion started to change! Its great... the thickness means its actually a conceals as well and the colour seems to darken slightly when it starts to dry.

Look at this photo if you need proof: left side = yuk! right side = fresh!

I think its maybe slightly dry on my eyes, but fine if used straight over a eye cream. I'd really recommend this if your looking for a darker colour shade too because Sleek always do an amazing range.

How did anyone else find this product? Love at first use or growing on you like me?

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Maybe shes born with it...

I'll be honest, I actually really like Maybelline. I know I'm meant to be a premium girl, but they always do such great things for cheaper brands! While I was in New York I picked up this new foundation, 'Fit me', which isn't out yet in the UK and an old classic 'Great Lash'.

'Fit me' is a light coverage foundation that says it gives a flawless, breathable, natural skin finish. And to be fair, they are pretty much right, its really light in texture but the coverage is light to medium, it really does gives a flawless finish. I love it because it has a really dewy finish which doesn't dry off, similar to Mac 'face and body'. Its not the most long wearing foundation though, probably about 4/5 hours of wear.

In the picture below I have foundation on the right side and bare face on the left (excuse the bags under my eyes :-S). This is actually a very good photo and my skin really is more blotchy than this but you can see the foundation doesn't look heavy but just evens skin out and gives a glow.

Once this is out in the UK I will most definitely be buying a new one, its actually my favourite foundation at the moment. I'd really recommend anyone going to the states to pick one up!

I also bought 'Great lash' a favourite mascara of mine when I was a teenie bopper. I know people really love this mascara, even Victoria Beckham is a fan but I'm just not a fan anymore. Isn't it weird how one persons favourite mascara can be someone elses worst nightmare. I find it doesn't seem to separate enough and sticks my lashes together at the end, I also find it smudges under my eyes throughout the day quite badly. I do love how very very black it is though.

Bare lashes:Vs Great lash lashes:I do think this is a great mascara for someone just wanting a little bit of definition, instead of big fat clumpy lashes like me.

Soleil tan de Chanel...

It finally came....Chanel 'poudre soleil 4 lumieres'. Of the two '4 facettes bronzing powder' I chose the Rose colour which is very unusual for me to pick pink over coral, but the dark brown in the coral scared me to death... it the very dark!

Here is the swatch, left to right is top to bottom in blush:

Here is it on me:

This blusher seems to go on really dark with the brush it comes with, but hardly at all with my own blusher brush :S but I think it will just take some getting used to.

The colour is beautiful, you can customise it to be quite coraly (like in the above photo) or rose or bronze. The darkest bronze also makes a great contourer.

Its going to be perfect for holiday because its a blusher, bronzer and highlighter in one.

Of course with it being Chanel the product lasts for ages on the skin and the powder is a beautiful light texture! GAWD I love Chanel!

Beautiful compacts I die for atm...

Look at these 4 GORGEOUS compacts, I'm such a sucker for a beautiful design :-)

Givenchy, Acid summer collection (out now) Clarins, mosaique collection summer 2011 (out now)
Lancome, 29 Faubourg Saint Honore, Autumn/ winter 2011-12

Guerlain, Terrac Inca collection (out now)

L'oreal gadget

While I was in New york recently I picked up a copy of my favourite beauty magazine 'allure'. Inside I saw an advert for this little gizmo from L'oreal. I hope they bring this to the UK soon it looks intriguing, if it actually works!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

zoom zoom...

I knew it was only a matter of time before I bought this mascara. I love Bourjois, especially their mascaras... and this one has a motor!
'Volume fast and perfect'(£7.99) is a battery powered, rotating mascara. To be honest I thought it was abit of a gimmick but it actually really separates the lashes and lifts them loads!The brush has loads of bristles too which is great, makes it easy to fan out the lashes
Heres my bare lashes:

Heres with Volume fast and perfect. Bear in mind that I like to wear mascara quite heavy and you can make it alot less clumpy:

...On an off note.... fellow bloggers, aren't these close up eye pictures the scariest thing...I'm sure I had my eyebrows done like last week :-S

Anyway, I would say theres a few things I don't like about this mascara, the actual mascara tube is really small, giving the impression it wont last long but we will see. The product is a grey/black and I prefer a jet black. Finally I'm worried the battery might not last as long as I'll use it, but I have had a go with it without the motor and its still pretty good.

Really really like this, its definitely found a place in my makeup bag. It might seem abit silly but it actually really works! Check it out!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Clarins Daily Energizers

For about 3 weeks now I have been using the new Clarins daily energizers. I basically couldn't resist the bargain-alicious starter pack. At £19.50 you got a full sized cream then a 30ml cleanser and a 30ml wake up booster.
This is what Clarins have to say about the range:

"A range of gentle yet super effective plant based skin care products exclusively for 18 to late 20's skin.

Daily energizer cleansing gel: Removes makeup and pollution for clean blemish free, detoxified skin.

Daily energizer wake up booster: Instantly freshens, tones and hydrates skin each morning.

Daily energizer cream: Moisturises, protects and treats normal to dry skin"

I actually think this range is really interesting, you never really find a skin care range that is basically for a normal younger skin with out many skin concerns. So I was impressed when I saw this range and decided to make it my first ever Clarins purchase. Yey.

The cleanser is a gel formula, as you can see below:

It smells lovely and fresh, not too sweet and not too strong. It really does take off all makeup, I usually cleanse twice at night but to be honest you don't always need to with this. It doesn't lather up too much, you can see in this photo:

My skin is quite dry and it does feel quite tight after using this cleanser though, if you had a slightly more combination skin I'm sure it would be just right.

The wake-up booster is really lovely, although I'm still a little confused as to what it does, because it isn't quite a toner. It smells gorgeous though and is very cooling, lovely in the morning.

The moisturiser looks more like a gel than a cream (see photo below) but it does feel thicker when applied and would definitely feel too rich on a oily skin (there is also a lotion and a cream/gel in the range). Again it smells beautiful, the smells are quite natural in all the products and not too over powering.

If your skins normal - combination I would really recommend trying this starter kit, its a lovely size. Full size the cleanser is £10.50 and the booster is £15 and its available exclusive to Boots until mid June

Sunday, 15 May 2011


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Surf, Baby!

My ikkle tiny, very well behaved buy from the Mac surf, baby! collection... the cheek powder in 'my paradise'. Mac say its "a peach shade with gold hibiscus overspray"....how cute is the design? and I'm glad it has a limited edition packaging unlike the quite cute collection, I am a sucker for the way things look.

I'll be honest the colour is pretty intimidating even for me and needs to be applied lightly. The gold shimmer is optional because you can work round it, which I love, and the shimmer is very fine so not overly glittery, another thumbs up. The gold seems quite deep aswell so wont run out after like 3 applications like they sometimes can do.

Here are the swatches of the gold on its own (left), peach on its own (middle) and mix (right).

And here it is on, it look quite light in this picture but trust me its just the camera, there was some serious blusher going on here!

A really summery and trendy colour, its definitely going to get used alot. I have seen some people compare it to Nars Orgasm so maybe not for you if you already have that.

The whole collection it pretty gorgeous actually, I really want to check out the bronzer creme sticks too and the eye pencils next time I'm in a store.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

5 things I'm loving this week...

These are 5 things that I'm totally in love with this week! I got back from a short break in New York so there is a little bit of a theme to the items :-P...

1. Illamasqua powder blusher - in Tremble

This is my first ever Illamasqua product that I have bought, and it was from my favourite all time ever shop... Sephora! The texture is really soft and the pigment is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. If you want bright, this range is for you. The colour is described as 'soft lilac, pink', but I think it has a little coral tone to it.

2. Sephora, Advanced airbrush, brush set.

Another Sephora buy, I had heard great things about their brushes and thought I would give them a go. The foundation and concealer are so dense, which means they absorb alot of product but they really do give an airbrush finish. Really really highly recommend these to any one in the states! I haven't tried the eye brushes yet, it will be interesting to see how they perform being synthetics.

3. Le Pliage bag from Lonhchamp

Possibly the most impractical, practical bag anyone has ever bought. The bag folds away into a little tiny envelope shape on the other hand its white! but I love it and shall kill the person who gets the first mark on it. I got this at JFK airport.

4. Kate Middleton's Wedding dress
Seriously woman its like you went inside Sarah Burton's brain and stole my perfect wedding dress! Snaps for doing the makeup herself what a beauty!

5. My new glasses. Rayban wayfarer glasses and Rayban large aviator sunglassesIt feel like I've been waiting half a year for these bad boys and to be able to see properly again.

5 things I'm not loving...

1. The end of the only way is Essex :-(

2. Constantly double booking myself

3. My messy room

4. That we don't have Sephora in the UK (although if we did this post would have been 100 things I'm loving this week)

5. Wrinkles, I'm starting to get them on my forehead grrr

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Mac make up lesson part 2

As I have previously mentioned I had a Mac makeup lesson for my birthday, and bought an absolute truck full of stuff, these are 2 more bits that I bought.

Cremeblend blush in something special and Mineralize skin finish in Soft and Gentle.

Now I have always been a powder blusher girl, no real reason I just have never really got on with creams, and I hate using my fingers to apply makeup, so when the mac girl pulled this out I did sort of wince! but surprise surprise I actually love it, the colour is beautiful very soft peachy pink and the textures thick enough to give the heavy pigment I like. She even applied it with a blusher blush so no fingers... yey! I don't think it lasts that long on my skin, although I have read other reviews that differ, but I think I'll accept it coming off through the day for the dewy glow it gives, really really beautiful! I will definitely be buying other colours!

I got the skin finish because of how much I loved the Wonder woman skin finish, but unfortunately I don’t think this one is in quite the same league! It’s very very shiny and glittery, looks fab on a very glam night out but abit much for most other moments haha! I do love the texture of the product because it doesn’t look too powdery, I might have abit of a play around on the eyes too.

Here is the swatch: