Friday, 26 November 2010

The new guy..

Swoooooooon! Another Sleek palette is launched to add to the ever growing collection....
This one is called 'Sparkle', £5.00 @ Superdrug, and its basically some very nice colours from other palettes but filled with glitter.... what is there not to like?
The names of the colours have a festive twist, they are called: (top to bottom, left to right) Cranberry, Dream maker, Galactic, Twinkle, Star Light, Nior, Illusion, Festive, Mistletoe, Glitz & Glamour, Gold Ribbon and Tinsel. My favs are Illusion, Festive and Twinkle although as I am with all these palettes I'll probably only use the greys and blacks!

For anyone new to the Sleek Palette phenomenon, they are highly pigmented eye shadows from this cheapo brand in Superdrug which I am OBSESSED with and would recommend anyone to buy! They are amazing for getting crazy, as well as smoky colours and they stay on really well.

Does anyone else love the Sleek palettes as much as me?

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Starry Eyed

I purchased this eye shadow trio, 17's Starry Eyes in Neptune £4.99, after reading a good review online. Well all I can say is they were wrong!
The colours in this trio look lovely swatched (below), but even with a great primer like Benefit's stay don’t stray the colour just didn’t come out very strong and they were impossible to keep separate and turned a washy browny/grey when mixed together. I am going to give it another go but I think its eye shadow heaven for these guys.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Dior Nude Foundation

Although I am mainly a bit of a bargain girl, I do make sure that I invest in a good foundation, because seriously a good base makes a huge difference to your makeup.

I've just bought Dior Nude liquid after swooning over it for months and 'borrowing' multiple samples from Boots. Dior’s says this foundation contains 40% water, and it does feel really really light weight on the skin and leave you with a really natural glowly skin. It is described as a light coverage but I was really impressed with how well it covers all my red bits and the dreaded freckles!! It wears pretty well throughout the day although without a primer I do notice it wearing off after about 4 hours.

I was matched with a rather pasty 020, which is embarrassingly the best matching foundation I've used, so I decided to practice what I preach to girls all day long and not buy a colour that’s too dark!

I would defiantly recommend for anyone looking for a new foundation to try this, and if you looking for better coverage try their Nude gel compact!

Natural Collection Lipsticks

I had these lipsticks recommended to me by a friend from work after swooning over her lip colour! They are a bargin-tastic £1.99 from Boots and although they are obviously not the best lipsticks in the world, they are great for playing around with a new colour. I bought a selection of pinky/nudes called (from left, and top on swatch) Rose Petal, Pink mallow and apple blossom. My fav colour is apple blossom with is almost a foundation colour nude. The formula is pretty hydrating but does sink into the lip creases loads! I would really recommend trying these if you’re looking to try a new colour or fancy a different colour for a night out!

If you do read my blog at all please become a follow, the more people, the more chance I have for freebies!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

old dog.... same tricks

So as I'm still trying to save the pennys, after my boyfriend kindly pointed out what my £100 of boots advantage cards points meant that I have previously spent at Boots, dont work it out, lets just say its bloody loads! I am finding that I'm re-descovering amazing products and heres a quick one I wanted to mention.

John Frieda, frizz eaze glossing mist (roughly £5). Its absolutly amazing at smoothing and 'De-fluffing' your hair after blowdrying or straightening, and it makes your hair very very shiny! Talking of hair, what do you think to my new 'non cheryl cole comparable' hair colour, almost back to my virgin hair colour

Friday, 5 November 2010

Dont give me lip

Snore, snore, snore I know this is another Benefit post, but tough luck, I had to mention these awesome lipsticks.

Fall 2010 colours for lip sticks, they are called "full finish" but they are still pretty silky and glossy. The colours are as follows: (from top left) Shy, Mod Squad, Pinking of you, Rumor, I tink I love you, (bottom row from left) Pillow talk, Slow Zone, Saucy, Wanna?, espionage.
I had a little trial today and I think I might have to make a purchase, my fav is espionage, soooo autumn 2010 and pillow talk! They feel like balms on the lips, and last a couple of hours (not amazing, but they were never meant to be long lasting). And the best thing about them?..... they have changed the shape of the flat ended benefit lipsticks to these points so they are soooooo much easier to apply especially when using a darker shade.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

As if by magic

If you love sleeping in your makeup and then waking up and it basically being perfect for work that day then you’re going to LOVE Benefit's new liquid eyeliner (£14.50). It’s indestructible and stays a really sharp line without flaking like other liquids! It’s an amazing dramatic black which dries to an almost wet look finish.

If your after a little more budget version of this eyeliner then collection 2000's new extreme eye liner is another really long lasting liquid liner that just came out. It comes in some great colour variations too!

Magic inks sister product for dramatic eyes is Prrrowl! A blue glitter top coat mascara and lip gloss duo. The mascara takes alot of coats to be able to see but once its on its gorgeous, although you do have to be carefull with clashing eye colours. It does look amazing dotted over the top of magic ink liner though. The gloss is a really pretty baby pink, which is a little more opaque than most Benefit lipglosses.