Thursday, 21 April 2011

Alternative use...

Heres an Easter themed alternative use for Maybelline's Line definer in Noir and Sleeks cameo from the avior la peache collection!

Happy Easter everyone!

ps, Ive just joined the high tech world of twitter so add me if you fancy.... @Livdev

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sleek True colour lipsticks

Obviously it was only really a matter of time before I got these lipsticks. The hardest thing I've done in my life though was choosing only two colours out of the range of 20. The range includes 10 matte colours and 10 sheens, so I decided to try one of each. It was 2 for £5.99 so obviously I had to buy two!.
I got Barely There from the sheen range, I seriously own about 30 lipsticks that look like this colour but when its on it looks alot more peachy, you can see this in the photo. The texture is beautiful, the colours really intense so even on my dark natural lips it covers. It lasts really well, I probably had it on about 2 hours before topping up. The only thing I can say I don't like about these lipsticks is the smell... they don't really have a scent so they smell like the kinda cheapo lipsticks you had when you were little.

From the matte range I got Heartbreaker, a VERY VERY hot pink, somethin Gothic barbie would wear (as my sister described it). This is one of my favourite beauty buys in ages, its just sooooo matte!!!! Its like a powder on the lips you cant roll your lips together when you have it on they just stick! It just looks so different from other lip colours and now I basically just want to buy the whole matte range!

here are the swatches for the colours I bought:There is definitely a colour on this range for everyone and at £3.99 each these bad boys are cheap as chips... go check them out!

Any got theirs? what colours did you get/love?

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Mac makeup lesson part 1 - foundations

For my birthday my friends very kindly bought me a gift voucher for Mac so last week I made an appointment to have an hour makeup lesson so I could try the products and get abit of help, because to be honest on every other occasion I have found Mac staff really unhelpful.

Heres the look that the lovely Stacey at Mac Nottingham did for me, stupidly I forgot my camera so didn't get a photo of it on me.

I basically bought everything so I may have to break these posts up abit. In this one I will talk about the two foundations that I bought.

I have been looking for a new long lasting foundation to replace my double wear for ages so I bought pro long wear in NW20. So far I really like this foundation, the coverage is high but it doesn't feel too heavy and it really is long wear. I found it didn't dry quite as much as double wear which meant it didn't go as patchy as the day goes on. It also photographs amazing because often high coverage makes your face look mega pale, but this doesn't do that. If your looking for a different alternative to Estee Lauder double wear or a more hydrating version of other long wearing foundations like L'oreal infallible I'd give this a try.

I also got face and body foundation in C3, I got a darker colour so I can use it on the body (as I am a tan-aholic). This seems to be one of those products that no one ever reviews or talks about because everyone is meant to just know that it is amazing! and no surprise that it is! (I really need to start finding some rubbish products to review I'm starting to sound like Louis Walsh....I liked it!) Its a sheer coverage, but can be built once the product thickens up on the skin, its really long wearing too, I have been wearing this to work recently and its held up almost all day, 9 hours is pretty amazing! It stays very dewy so even I put a powder with it and I love shine so I probably wouldn't recommend it if you have oily skin. If you are looking for a a cheaper alternative to a body foundation try Sally Hansen's airbrush leg spray or Natural Collections tinted moisturiser which are both very good.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

be-lated birthday glam up

This weekend I had a very belated birthday celebration and decided to get glammed up because I don't often get chance to. I bought these amazing nails from Star by Juilen Macdonald at Debenhams. They are red glitter and they were a bargain in the sale! There is some other amazing designs too. This is what a wore. Dress from Zara and shoes from Newlook. And heres my makeup. Its the first time I properly used the new Avior de peche sleek blusher and eye palette, I wore mac pro long wear foundation and Benefit lipstick in 'flirt alert'.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

B.right, B.fabulous

I'm sort of stuck between thinking whether premium skin care is actually any better than cheaper skin care brands? Well today premium scored itself a point and it came from the most unlikely brand..... Benefit!

Now obviously I am not going to bad mouth the company that I work for, but I'm also not going to lie on my blog so if I had something bad to say about a product, I probably just wouldn't write anything at all..... this is definitely NOT one of those situations, you literally cant shut me up raving about B.right skin care! I really wasn't expecting much, as the current skin care is not really that amazing, but the have seriously out done themselves.

Benefit say: B.right radiant skincare...luxurious hydration, lightweight formulas and brilliant results.

Heres the little tester kit we got on our training:

Isn't the packaging adorable?

I have been using the cleanser and the moisturiser for about 2 weeks now. I love the whole range but I would really recommend everyone go out and try the cleanser. I used to use a Clinique cleanser that made my skin red and tight after and I thought that was just normal, this one is soooooo creamy and even when you have washed it off your skin feels moisturised. The range is available at Debenhams now and Boots from the 16th, pop along and just feel it, some counters are sampling it too so you might be able to get yourself a cheeky freebie!

Have you tried B.right? What did you think?

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I have to wait till JUNE!!!!!!

are mac having a laugh.... I have to wait 3 months for this beauty....

I die for this blusher.... it will be mine!

Here are some other gorgeous bits from Mac's Summer surf baby collection out in June.

Mink 17 supreme shine

I went on abit of a nail varnish buying frenzy, which will probably explain the next few posts... I bought 17's supreme shine nail varnish in 'mink' and it cost me a bargain-alicious £3.99 (its also on 3 for 2). WOW.... a really really great polish, especially for the price, it stayed on, chip free with no topcoat for about 3 days, and it only started to chip after that because I was so amazed that I started to pick at it (as a test :-S). So, anyone with a little more patience than me could probably get the promised "10 day wear" out of it.
I love this colour, and now I know how good it is I will definitely be buying some more!