Wednesday, 27 October 2010

27/10/10 Today’s Purchases....

I have tried my very hardest to save money but today I feel off the band wagon :-P and I had abit of a cosemetic frenzy!

I bought the two brand new Sleek palettes that I've been waiting for all week! They are called 'good girl' and 'bad girl' (£5.99)! Bad girl is defiantly more my kind of thing because it’s all greys and black whereas I'm pretty sure I'll probably never even wear the good girl pink palette haha! I just had to have both! I did read somewhere that the good girl palette makes a great blushes though. I would recommend the Bad Girl palette for anyone who wanted to create a great smoky eye because all the colours work great with each other.

I bought Barry M's brand new instant nail effect varnish in black (£3.95, varnishes on 2 for £5 in Boots at the moment). These product is SOOOOO weird, its a black top coat that when it dries splits and dries with a matte, streaked effect, which you can see in this photo! It has to be put over the top of nail varnish but it looks AWESOME and will be amazing for Halloween! 10/10!

I finally went to have my hair cut for the first time in about 4 years :-S... scary! I went to a new salon in Derby called Allure, its opposite Queen St swimming baths. My hair was cut by Jay and I think he did a fab job and I would highly recommend him, he didn’t take too much off the length which was my biggest fear because hair dresser often don’t listen to a word you say..... and check out this awesome blow dry (chezza eat your heart out!). I was convinced the art of the blow dry died when they invented GHDs but he’s still got it!
I also bought the most AMAZINGLY funny Halloween costume but that will be saved for after the big night!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

what a style faux pas....

Cheryl Cole with red/purple hair.......what a copy cat :-P I did it first
(photo taken from

19/10/10 My purchases today...

Yesterday I bought:
The perfect lipstick.... I've been after a nude/pink for ages and I found it at YSL. Its from the Rouge Pur Couture range, no.6 (£22.00). The texture is like a glossy balm, and lips feel really hydrated after. It doesn’t stay on as well as I expected because I'd read really good reviews on other blogs but I wanted it mainly for the colour so that’s ok. I have been wearing it with Benefit's Stay Don't Stray (£19.50) underneath to cancel out the colour of my bright red lips haha.I also bought these belts £4.99 from Newlook for the pair. I wanted them to put around my cardigans, shown here. In the evening I went to a charity bingo event at Boots, in support of MacMillan cancer research and I won this gorgeous selection of Lush products. I love Lush and when I get chance to have a big bubbly bath I use their product so I was so glad to win this box. In it there is.... the blackberry bath ballistic, Avobath bath ballistic, Butterball Bath Ballistic, Big blue bath Ballistic, Blue skies and fluffy white clouds bubble bar and Karma Bubble Bath.
Thank You Lush for donating the box so I can smell sweet for weeks!
Today I am stopping in, tidying my bedroom and watching box sets of gossip girl to try and save myself from spending money..... until tomorrow!

Monday, 18 October 2010

18/10/10 my purchases today...

I'm trying to cut down on spending money on random things because my boyfriend claims I am addicted to spending. However, here are the things I bought on my lunch break yesterday (oops)...

Ever since I was little I have wanted one of those name necklaces because my name was quite unusual when I was young. Now its common as muck and I can have these delightfully tacky named goods :-) £3.99 from some random card shop in the Westfield Derby.
The eye liner was £2.50 from Marks and Spencers and I bought it because the colour was recommended in a magazine, Vogue I think. Beautiful metalic emerald colour and the pencil is surprisingly soft.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

If it ain't Barocco

Oh my gosh.... look what I spotted at work yesterday.... Clarins winter 2010 range! Clarins is a brand I have never really used apart from the odd thing but theses look to swing me. The packaging is beautiful and the colours are perfect for winter the blush is a beautiful matte light peach and gold. The perfect colour for winter.
The Gold shimmer powder is my fav... it contains tiny gold 'rocks' that give off gold seckles to pat on the body and face. It was actually made to be on my dressing table.


After a whole year of wanting this product I finally managed to get it!! Benefit's Jiffy Tan (£19.50) is an instant tan for the body and face... and its AWSOME! The colour is much better than any developer tan I've ever used, its instant so doesn’t involve any waiting around in the 'cowboy' pose for hours on end, it smells divine AND most importantly it doesn’t splash off like other instants (*cough* Rimmel sun shimmer *cough*) when some dick in a bar spills a drink on you! All round a massive 10/10, defo worth the splurge!

Monday, 11 October 2010

berry berry autumn

I saw this image in last weeks Look magazine, all the makeup was done by Benefit... so obviously I loved it :-P. The lipstick on the model on the right is called No competition, and is soooooooo on trend for autumn
Conveniently I already own this lipstick, but have never worn it. So I decided to bring it out of hiding, and heres the final look :
It didn’t come out quite as purpley in this photo, but its was a little more gothic. I liked it, but I was very conscious that in my black work uniform I looked like a twilight wanabee!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Looky here...

I love these images of Diana Vickers from 4th October issue of Look magazine. It shows every decade in style from the 30's to the 90's. I love the way clothes and makeup have be used to show the changing looks. All the makeup was done by Joe Bass using YSL. My fav image is the 60's one, I'll be going done to the YSL counter to find that nude/pink lipstick.

Dirty Flirty

I finally opened my Benefit 'Flirt Alert' lipstick last night, and was brave enough to wear it! Flirt Alert is a bright tomato red full finish lipstick. Heres the result:

I wore it here with Estee Lauder double wear foundation, Benefit's Hoola and Sleek's face and body highlighter in Peach Shimmer on my cheeks, Nicola girls aloud party lashes and Maybelline's eye studio gel liner from USA. The lipstick itself goes on really creamy and feels abit like a balm on the lips, while still giving a really strong colour. It isn’t a long lasting formula so it did need reapplying but I'd say it lasted a good hour of drinking so pretty good :-P. Like most red lipsticks it did bleed slightly so a good lip liner was a must!

Overall a good 8/10 for Flirt Alert!

Monday, 4 October 2010

I did it...

I made my first ever purchase from Urban Decay, which was the Naked palette (£27.50). Ive heard alot about this palette on other blogs and when I saw it I HAD to have it! It came with a eye shadow primer but I didnt rate that, it felt abit greasy and the shadow creased straight away, I use it with Benefit's stay dont stray now.Here are some of my fav colours from the set... (from the top) Sin, Gun Metal, Hustle, Dark horse, Smog, Side car.And heres the first time I used it, using the colours Virgine, Dark horse and Creep

What is wrong with me

For some reason I am physically unable to walk past really cheap makeup with out buying something.... I’m totally convinced that one day I’m going to find the most amazing blusher/primer/mascara/etc etc for £1 and I'll be able to tell all the people who said it was impossible "I told you so"....So far I am still to find this miracle product!!!
My most recent subject was this...
'Bloominous' face illuminator from Primark, was £3 reduced to £1. What first drew me to it was its uncanny resemblance to Benefit's 'That Gal'....well it is most defiantly not 'That Gal', its a thick, very glittery cream it doesnt give much colour to the cheeks but looks nice under blusher. Although for a pound its quite good it did make my cheeks go red :-S but it will be nice for the body.

In to the draw it goes....the search goes on....

Diamonds aren't always a girls best friend

This Saturday was the launch of Girl meets pearl at Benefit. Although at Boots it doesnt launch until oct 6th I got a sneeky peek, courtesy of HR at Benefit :-P...
Girl meets pearl (£24.50)is a new addition to the illuminator family at Benefit and a new addition to my make up bag.... its gorgeous!!! Its not too glittery so it can be worn all over the face for a golden glow! They are telling us to apply it over makeup for a final touch but I think its way better mixed in with your foundation. Here Ive mixed it in with Estee Lauder double wear for a night out (very poor picture though sorry)!