Friday, 25 February 2011

What was I thinking?

I'm not sure whether I have an actual genuine addiction to buying lipsticks that don't suit me, or its just a phase but once again ones ended up in my shopping basket!

This is Revlon, Super Lustrous Lipstick in 001 Nude. Now to be fair I'm not giving credit where credits due. Its actually a really nice lipstick, the textures gorgeous, quite thick and nice and matte. It does sink into the creases slightly but theres enough colour so its not too obvious and if it was in a bright pink or red it would be perfect.... but its just this colour!!!!

I'm so determined to find a pale nude that suits me and I always buy these foundation coloured lipsticks but they look god dam awful on me. This one has got a slight orange to it so does look ok when I have loads of fan tan on for a night out.... I'll just have to place it along the other 500 nude lipsticks I have and pray that my skin tone changes over night :(

Sleek - The Primer Palette

I told myself today that I couldn't buy any more products until I had finished blogging about all my new bits from this month... so be prepared to be bombarded!

I saw this palette on a few blogs of people who had been to the IMATS and obviously being a sleek obsessive I had to have it. I actually interrupted my boyfriends valentines day surprise to pop into Superdrug to buy it on the first day! Oops!
For anyone who hasn't seen it, its a palette of coloured eye shadow primers. Although to be perfectly honest I've been using them as cream shadows because I really like the smooth metallic finish they give.
Heres the swatches of the colours:

It doesn't last an amazingly long time, about a half a working day or a evening out. I have been putting alittle bit of Benefit 'Stay don't Stray' primer under to stick it down but it definitely works to intensify colour. Look what it did to the purple shadow from the sleek bad girl palette!! (Primer on top, no primer on bottom)

I am dying with excitement for the next sleek collection 'avoir la Peche' seen below. This includes a new palette (filled with corals and browns), a new blusher and a nude pout pot! And its all coming out on the 16th March, 2 days after my birthday.... how perfect :-)

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Mac quite cute

I wish all these amazing Mac launches would just hurry the hell up, I want them now :(

Mac Quite Cute collection coming out April 2011..... look at the blushers, I DIE!


Saturday, 19 February 2011

Topshop Spring collection, Sandstorm

Whilst wasting time on my lunch break today I stumbled across Topshop's new spring colours! erm.... hello beauties!

Its a really interesting mix of metallics and pastels. Here are some sneaky photos I took on my phone:

Lip cremes in tawny and daze (how similar is tawny to the Mac Gaga viva glam 2 lipglass I literally just posted!!?) I tried out the cremes and they were fantastic, high pigment but not to matter. Hydrating but not sticky like a gloss. If Mr green can here me now....."bring out more colours!!!" Eye mousses in Glint and Tundra

and the nail duos in Zealous and Wilderness. LOVE the aqua green nail varnish, although the colours not come out great in the photo.
What bloody bargains!? Apart from when you buy one of everything...

Another mac launch

Another launch that we poor brits have to wait forever to get! The Viva Glam Gaga 2 colours.
This nudey/brown is one of those colours I continuously buy but that looks really really bad on me, and I imagine this one will be no exception.... I just love it so much on other people!
They come out in March 2011 over here, and I imagine there will be a frenzy!

Friday, 18 February 2011

Maybe shes born with it...

Now I am a firm believer in cheaper mascaras being as good as the more expensive brands, and Maybelline Volume express is one of my favourites (slightly beaten by Volume express lift up). So when I saw they had launched a new Volume express I had to have it.
Its called The one by one and I think its about £8.99 ( I got mine with staff discount so the receipt says slightly less)
Its said to had a unique lash catcher brush, that 'catches and coats' each individual lash.
I have been trying out this mascara for a week now, here is a before and after:

Hummmm to be honest I cant quite make my mind up....Its a great colour, very dark black. The first coat goes on really well, so if you like it quick and natural looking its really good. But I like to build up mascara, and once you make that second coat its all sticks together. I tried twisting, I tried wiggling but the ends of the lashes still all stuck together (which you can see in the photo) and I couldn't get them apart.

My only advice is don't let this one put you off the whole range, I think volume express is a fantastic. Have you tried this mascara? What did you think?

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Be still my beating heart...

No sooner had I bought my goodies from Chanel spring collection when a friend of mine sent me this picture of the summer colours.....

I DIE! To be honest its like in was designed for a 'bronzer obsessive', 'nude nail varnish loving' Chanel-aholic like me.

Its out in May and I'm counting down the days...

Just in time for my birthday (fingers crossed)...

Mac seems so be having about a million launches in the next few months, but the little girl inside of me is possibly most excited about this one:

Mac wonderwoman collection, released in the UK in March 2011.

Here are the 3/4 bits I will hopefully be getting my hands on...
Mineralize Skinfinish in Pink power

Penultimate Eye Liner in Rapid black

Lip glass in Wonder woman the bright red (far right) and possibly Emancipation the Pale neutral pink (2nd from left)

The mascaras look amazing too......
Have you been swooning over anything in this collection?

Monday, 14 February 2011

red red lips

How sexy is this MEGA glossy red lip thats all over the place this spring?
Its making me even more excited for the Mac/wonderwoman launch. Mac's bringing out the most amazing bright red lip glass called, funnily enough, 'wonderwoman' which launches in March in the UK!
If your after a slightly cheaper version have a look at the new and improved effect 3D glosses from Bourjois (£6.99).

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

No7 spring colours

I know the world and its wife has blogged about the new No7 spring colours, but I have bought them and therefore I talking about them haha! The whole collection looks absolutely beautiful, the packaging is amazing..... and trust me I rarely have a good word to say about No7!
I decided to buy the two new lip colours (bridget and grace) and a gel liner (in blue). My reasons for this were, one of the lipsticks shares the same name as my sister, I hate No7 nail varnishes (even though they were pretty colours) and I am a total gel liner aholic!
I'm really impressed with the lipsticks (£10), although I'd say they were more of a tinted balm by the way they feel. Bridget (bright bubblegum pink), shown below is a hard colour to wear and would look better with someone with a deep tan, but Grace (very light rose) is possible the best day lip colour I've bought for ages. They don't last very long, but this was kind of expected by the glossiness of them!
Swatch below, Bridget above, grace below...

Bridget on the lips:

Not really sure about the gel liner (£10), for some reason unknown to my conscious self I bought blue, which is a colour I never really wear or like, I just seemed stupid to buy my 5th black gel liner. The brush that comes with it is possibly the WORST brush I have ever seen...... I wouldn't even clean my shoes with it, put it straight in the bin....but applied with a better brush (even N07's larger eye liner brush, £6.64 is pretty good). The colour doesn't stay on the best but would be fine for a night out, or a smudgy smoky eye.
If your into your makeup packaging or pretty palettes I'd really recommend the eye shadow palette it beautiful just too colourful for me!

Bargin of the week...

Check out these beauties!
Platform Chelsea boots..... yes please! and they were only £20 from Matalan! They basically haven't left my feet all weekend!