Sunday, 8 August 2010

Porefect Day!

I know that I do get slightly more excited than the average person about new benefit products but this one sounds like its going to be amazing!
Porefessional launches at Benefit counters on Friday 28th August. Its a smoothing priming balm to help fill in pores and fine lines, but even when we used it on someone with perfect skin it made their foundation look absolutly flawless!
Originally I wasnt sure about using primers, I thought it was abit of a myth to make people like me buy yet another product for the face :-P but after using Benefits 'That Gal' primer (£19.50) I was converted to the way it smooths the look of foundation and I think 'Porefessional' is going to be even better!

Also launching on the same day is the light colour version of the famous 'Some kinda gorgeous' (£21.50) and 'Instant brow pencil' in a vey dark colour (£14)

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