Monday, 6 September 2010

I've been abit slow on the mint green

So I finally bought the mint green nail varnish I had read about ' The Saturday's' wearing. I felt like a complete celeb hore, but if it works for frankie... I bought Revlon's 028 'Minted' and it was 2 for £8 at boots so I also bought 030 'Grey Suede'...... they turned out to be the best nail varnishs I've ever bought. They are indestrutable for atleast 2/3 days at work and normally varnishs dont last 2 hours (and thats even without a top coat!) The colours are sheer'ish with one coat but go perfectly opaque with the second.
and the 2 for £8 offer doesnt run out till next month, so I might have to invest in some of their really rich emerald greens and darks purples for autumn.

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