Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Skincare over haul: part 2

As I have mentioned in my previous post I am overhauling my skin care on the search for my holy grail products, and last time I went through the first steps in my routine, cleanse and tone. In this post I will show you my moisturiser and the extras that I use on my skin.

About a month ago a friend of mine off loaded me with a sample of Elemis' pro collagen marine cream that she didn't like and out of curiosity I gave it a try, and it was pretty much love at first application. I know I'm a little young to be using serious anti-ageing products but this cream is equally as amazing on a young 20+ skin. It hydrates my skin so well but with a lovely light texture that makes it so easy to apply make up over. I've also notice a huge difference in my skins tone, its less red around the nose and on the cheeks and looks plumper. Although this was probably the most expensive piece of skin care I have ever bought its was worth every penny and the 50ml pot seems huge, especially because I'm very strictly sticking to the portion of the little scoop provided. Alittle case of practice what I preach to people at work I think!

As soon as I get home from work I will remove my make up with cotton pads and Bioderma crealine H2O solution. Does anyone need to read another rave review about Bioderma? No, its just the shizzle, fact!
To remove my eye make up I use Boots Botanics, soothing eye make up remover, which I have used for years and years. I love this stuff, its a super, SUPER cheap bi-phase remover that I find does the job better than any other. I hate the new packaging and the fact that this product is now NEVER in stock (sort it out Boots!) but beggars cant be choosers eh?

As a contact lens wearer I often suffer from really dry and sore eyes and I have found the Liz Earle's soothing eye lotion amazing for this, its just super refreshing and cooling. It doesn't make any wild claims to fix dark circles etc, it just does exactly what it says on the tin... soothes. I would highly recommend any one who wears contacts or has hay fever checks this product out. The bottle is an absolutely enormousness 150ml, which for an eye product is just insane!

And finally a newbie, I cant really comment much on the Elemis, papaya enzyme peel fully yet because I've only tried it out a couple of times. But I will say so far I love the smell and it makes my skin really soft after I use it. However I was alittle disappointed at the size for a whopping £29!

I am currently on the hunt for my perfect eye cream and mask so please let me know if you have any recommendations, I would really love to hear them.

Its honestly a little embarrassing how obsessed with skincare I have got, I find if I'm having a shit day I just run along to my local Space NK and just start looking at all the potions and lotions, "its just my own personal brand of heroin".


  1. Liv, I LOVE elemis marine cream!!!! have been using it for about a year since my mum recommended it! She started using it late 20s and her skin is really good for her age (unfortunately i think genetically mine's more like my dad's haha)

    She got me an elemis cream gift set.. ive found the night cream is a bit heavy and has given me spots although it's expensive so trying to use it up! Have the eye cream as well but a bit scared it's a bit too intense for mid-20s so havent used it yet. The cellular recovery skin bliss capsules are lovely, far too much money to buy for what you get (when you could be stocking up on marine cream) but a nice treat!

    I've tried a couple of samples of the elemis masks and like them as well! Feel quite indulgent so you should give them a try.

    Haha been slightly sidetracked but yeah, marine cream: massive supporter! Harriet x

  2. I love skincare too! I've tried soooo many products.. Haven't found THE BEST eye cream yet.. But since ure in ur 20s, I say go for something really hydrating instead of regenerating or renewing.. Try the bobbi brown extra repair.. Its pricey but it'll last u a long time.. And it has good ingredients in it too.. Or for something cheaper, try mario badescu.. He makes different eye creams to suit ur needs..

    As for masks, I love glamglow.. It instantly brightens and cleans my skin.. Sisely masks are wonderful too.. But kiehls rare earth pore minimizing mask is wonderful for ur wallet and face! Ask for samples.. Kiehls are very generous with samples ;)

    Hope this helps u out a lil :)