Friday, 31 December 2010

Pretty bad girl!

Being a Benefit employee I may actually get the sack for admitting this but after months of preaching to customers that Benefit's 'bad gal lash' (£15.50) is one of the best mascaras I have only just tried it for the first time myself!
Lucky for me it is actually a very good mascara and I will not be hunted down by an angary mob.
Heres the pros:
Separates lashes well
Very dark black, so gives a strong colour
Smudge proof
For evening I like my lashes really clumpy and its almost impossible to do that with this mascara, although most people will think that is a pro, I do sometimes have to put a thicker mascara like Rimmels 'volume flash' over the top!


  1. I bought this mascara a couple of years ago in plum and my mum bought it in the blue and we both think it's an awful mascara! It smudges so badly, with the plum, after about an hour it looks like I've been in a boxing match! The best mascara I've found is the new No7 Wild Curls and I only bought it for the leopard print packaging!

    Harriet x

  2. yes thats true about the plum it does smudge loads! I do find the black is loads better for smudgeing. Its so funny how personal mascara is because I absolutly hated 17 Wild Curls! I also only bought it for the packaging haha! 17 have a new mascara coming out called photo finish I think, it has slightly different colours to suit different eye colours! What this space, I'll probably end up buying it haha! x