Sunday, 12 December 2010

Clothes Show, 6/12/2010

On Monday I went to work on the Benefit stand at the Clothes show, Birmingham. Heres a picture of the beautiful Benefit stand...

Although I was working I did get a chance to pick up some beauty bargains. As Bourjois is one of my favourite budget brands I visited their stand where they were sell 3 products for £12. I stupidly didn’t take very much cash to the show so I could only get 3 things :(.
I got...

10 hour sleep effect foundation: This foundation is light weight and meant to give a dewy finish that wakes up the skin, and although I have had a stinking cold for the past week, it has perked up my skin. I would say it does dry to a slight powdery/ matte finish and the coverage is only slightly more than a tinted moisturiser but if it can make my sicky dull skin glow it has to have something going for it. It managed to pretty much last most of the day with a primer underneath, I only noticed about 3pm/4pm that it was wearing off.

Healthy mix, Anti fatigue concealer: I bought this after it was recommended on the ‘Yummy mummy beauty blog’ and I have to say I am pretty impressed. I think the colour I have bought is slightly too light for me but it covers up my dark circles really well and the smooth hydrated finish it leaves is really great for the price it is.

Volume Clubbing mascara: I have used this mascara many times and I love it. It gives great volume which can be layered on really heavy but the bristles keep the lashes separated. It’s also really smudge proof; I’ve never had any colour fall under my eye when wearing this mascara!

I also got given a free Benefit Boi-ing concealor for working the day, I’m abit obsessed with concealor at the moment because of my big red sniffy cold nose and you really can’t beat boi-ing, it has mega high coverage but isn’t too cakey, if you have never used Benefit before its a great product to start with.... you’ll never look back.

And finally a big thank you to the people at Carmex that gave me a free lip balm, I never used Carmex before but I love the menthol effect and will be buying it again!

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