Thursday, 7 April 2011

B.right, B.fabulous

I'm sort of stuck between thinking whether premium skin care is actually any better than cheaper skin care brands? Well today premium scored itself a point and it came from the most unlikely brand..... Benefit!

Now obviously I am not going to bad mouth the company that I work for, but I'm also not going to lie on my blog so if I had something bad to say about a product, I probably just wouldn't write anything at all..... this is definitely NOT one of those situations, you literally cant shut me up raving about B.right skin care! I really wasn't expecting much, as the current skin care is not really that amazing, but the have seriously out done themselves.

Benefit say: B.right radiant skincare...luxurious hydration, lightweight formulas and brilliant results.

Heres the little tester kit we got on our training:

Isn't the packaging adorable?

I have been using the cleanser and the moisturiser for about 2 weeks now. I love the whole range but I would really recommend everyone go out and try the cleanser. I used to use a Clinique cleanser that made my skin red and tight after and I thought that was just normal, this one is soooooo creamy and even when you have washed it off your skin feels moisturised. The range is available at Debenhams now and Boots from the 16th, pop along and just feel it, some counters are sampling it too so you might be able to get yourself a cheeky freebie!

Have you tried B.right? What did you think?

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