Friday, 18 November 2011

Mac Studio Finish vs Vivo Concealer kit

Covering dark circle has been a mission for me ever since I started wearing make up. I have never found a concealer with high enough coverage that doesn't look dry on my crêpey eyes.

Mac studio finish and the Vivo concealer kit has been my two most recent attempts at covering the darkness.
I got the Mac studio finish concealer in NW20, which I think is alittle bit too light but the NW25 was way too dark. I find this formula really nice, the coverage is really high but it stays slightly dewy so doesnt look too dry under the eye. Its stays on really well but because of how creamy it is it does crease up on my eyes.
The photo below shows Mac studio finish on the right side and nothing on the left.

I also bought the Vivo concealer kit after hearing loads of rave reviews about the brand. I went over the the stand and was instantly drawn to all the baked blushers but for god sake I just couldn't buy another blusher so I picked something a little bit more practical! For an amazing £5 I cant really grumble. In the kit you get a yellow based and a pink based concealer cream, a setting powder and then a liquid highlighter. The set only comes in one colour which is abit of a shame, it could do with having a lighter and a darker version too.

The creams are similar to the mac one, thick, creamy with high coverage. They are more drying on my eyes and leave the under eye looking crepey, which to can see in the photo below.

I absolutely love the highlighter in the tube, its very similar to Benefit high beam but not so silver. Great little handbag size too.
I do prefer the Mac concealer by far but it is £8 more expensive than the Vivo one. If you don't have eyes a wrinkly as mine I bet you would love the Vivo set. I think its a great idea to have the option to mix your own colours for different areas of your face.

For now though.... high end wins the race for me!

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