Sunday, 29 January 2012

YSL volume effect, faux cils mascara

If you follow my blog you will know that I bought this mascara in the January sales. Its been sat in the box ever since because I was worried that it wouldn't live up to all the hype and that it could have already dried up like so many people warned me about.
This week I finally took the plunge and opened it and WOW! I love it, I may possibly have found my HG mascara!
The brush looks like nothing special really, a spiral fibre brush. Honestly if it was a cheaper brand I would have took one look at the brush and thought 'this looks crap'. The product is thick but quite wet and jet black.
One coat and all my lashes are separated, lengthened and lifted. It give such a fanned effect to the lashes. Although it is called 'volume effect' it takes quite alot of coats to get, what I would call, high volume, its more of a day mascara for me than dramatic evening. I found I get a little bit of rub down/'panda eye' in the middle of that day, although I haven't noticed it every single day, but that could knock it off the HG spot if it does that normally.
And now its just a waiting game to see what happens with the 'drying out' problem that everyone complains about with this product and I will keep you updated. I do have a theory though, that it is the metal tube that makes the product inside very cold and I think that's what dries it out. I have been trying to warm the product up before I use it and see if that helps.

I seem to be having abit of a mascara 'moment' so if anyone has any other HG recommendations, let me know!


  1. This looks great, you shoudl try YSL Shocking- I love it! Would always recommend L'Oreal Telescopic as a cheap mascara :-) x

    1. just seen the photos on your blog of ysl shocking, it looks amazing. that would be a perfect evening alternative to faux cils, is the brush similar? xxx

  2. Your eye color is amazing :)
    If only I could find contacts to look like that :p