Friday, 3 February 2012

The organised make up bag

I have never been one of those girls with a perfectly stocked make up bag in their handbag. One of those girls that with the slightest sound of "does anyone have..." has already pulled out a grub free make up bag and answered everyone's prayers. God, normal I don't even have a bag for my make up let alone a well planned contents!
However, today is the day for change... I will be organised and I wont break my shoulder carrying 50 lipsticks around by the end of the week. So here is what my make up bag looked like pre-organisation:

It basically consists of products that I'm not bothered about using everyday because I often leave it in my locker at work. We have got...L'Occitiane hand cream, free out of a magazine but I love it and will for sure repurchase, tissues, chewing gum, a empty sample of double wear, 3 coral lipsticks and a coral gloss, Sleek suede blusher and a awful brush from a Benefit box'o'powder, Benefit Boiing concealer, 17 metallic eyes in wild nude and of course some HG balm carmex original!

Off to the bin goes the Benefit brush and the empty sample pot...its a start!

The new plan is to have a staple bag containing great multi-use products and then changing colour items. The big rule.... one lipstick in... one lipstick out!
Things that have stayed are the hand cream, tissues, gum, carmex and Boiing. Boiing is a great make-up bag concealer because its light enough to use as a foundation but good coverage for redness and under eyes.

New additions are 17 BB cream because its great for freshening up make up when it starts getting dry and Chanel Limited edition bronzer from last year, because it is a bronzer, blusher and face powder all in one and the brush is far, far better than those awful Benefit ones!
The current colour items in my bag are... a plum L'Occitaine lipgloss I got free with this months glamour, Mac Shygirl, because I'm trying to justify to myself that I wear nudes enough to buy 'a perfect day' from the new collection (don't lie, we all do it!). An awful lip liner from Collection 2000 which is probably on the way to the bin (if anyone can recommend a good nude lip liner let me know) and the Chanel Eclosion palette from the spring collection. This is the only thing I have bought from the spring colours and it honest is the best eye palette I have ever bought, and possibly the best Chanel product I have bought, it hasn't left my eyes since I bought it!
And yes, I have just noticed that I still actually have 3 lip products in this 'steam line' make up bag.... turns out you cant teach an old dog completely new tricks!


  1. Very organised of you! The Chanel bronzer and blusher looks amazing, and I'm also a big fan of the 17 BB cream...Totaly agree on the Benefit blush brushes though- shame! x

  2. The chanel blusher looks fab xx Im definately going to have to try the 17 BB out I use the garnier one at the moment xx
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  3. You're really organised! I don't even carry a makeup bag with me as I don't really have a big bag. I'll have to get something bigger since I find I want to reapply makeup throughout the day! x