Monday, 4 October 2010

What is wrong with me

For some reason I am physically unable to walk past really cheap makeup with out buying something.... I’m totally convinced that one day I’m going to find the most amazing blusher/primer/mascara/etc etc for £1 and I'll be able to tell all the people who said it was impossible "I told you so"....So far I am still to find this miracle product!!!
My most recent subject was this...
'Bloominous' face illuminator from Primark, was £3 reduced to £1. What first drew me to it was its uncanny resemblance to Benefit's 'That Gal'....well it is most defiantly not 'That Gal', its a thick, very glittery cream it doesnt give much colour to the cheeks but looks nice under blusher. Although for a pound its quite good it did make my cheeks go red :-S but it will be nice for the body.

In to the draw it goes....the search goes on....

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