Sunday, 23 January 2011

Bella Bamba!

woooooooo my favourite time of year, new box powder time! Benefit's box powders are my absolute favourite products, the new one is called Bella Bamba (£24) and launches in store on 28th Jan. To be honest the first time I wore it it did scare me alittle, it is seriously PINK but 3 people that day told me I looked radiant and its true (haha no modesty), it looks like you have caught some sun in the cheeks without looking tangoed

The powder is a fuchsia pink shade with a gold shimmer to it. If you have used the box powders before you will notice the new box shape with the mirror, its fab and Benefit have changed the applicator brush to make it a much better shape to apply the colour.

WARNING: You do have to be very light handed with it, it goes very pink very quickly! For the best finish, I would recommend adding abit of bronzer to contour the cheek bones.


  1. This looks so goregous! I can't wait to pick this up when I get back to the UK, loving the swatch photo.

  2. This looks lovely! Not sure if i'll get i though as i haven't used up my other Benefit Blushers/Cheek Stains yet x