Thursday, 20 January 2011

Another sleek purchase....

Its no secret that 'Sleek' is my absolute favourite cheapo brand and today I added another product to my collection, the Face contour kit in Light (£6.50).
Ever since I was introduced to it at college I've always been totally shit at contouring, but obsessed with knowing how to do it because I have no cheek bones! After watching many pixi woo tutorials on you tube I decided to have another go at it.
This set is great because the shader is totally matte, which is often hard to find, and the highlighter only has a slight shimmer, not as shiny as products like High beam.
However the set doesn't come with a brush which is abit rubbish, although saying that they usually but really poor quality brushes in these sort of sets so maybe that's kind of a positive!

Heres me having a little go, although I have put far too much on because the colour wasn't showing up on camera (excuse the pajamas!)

Really good product if you have never tried contouring before, especially because it comes with a how to guide!


  1. I got this kit for my first attempt at contouring, love the difference it makes to my face! Think it was yet another recommendation from Vivianna does makeup that persuaded me to try it lol.

  2. I think, that I will buy it, so thanks <3