Saturday, 31 December 2011

The lion sleeps tonight...

I recently asked a blogger friend who is also conveniently a hairdresser about what hair brushes are good for long hair. She gave me some advice and I went away and looked at the brushes I was using, after abit of investigation I realised that the brushes I was using were EIGHT years old, and even when I bought them they were crap and I think possibly from Primark! For someone that loves their hair as much as me this was pretty awful, so off I went to Boots to invest in some better brushes, and here are the results.
I got three, the Denman extra large head hugger for styling, the Denman natural bristle brush for 'grooming' and the tangle teezer for general brushing.
I have never really got all the fuss about the tangle teezer, I just thought it looked like a dolls hair brush. However friend of mine recently said that it worked wonders on her horses mane, and if its good enough for a horse its good enough for my mane. It really is amazing, it makes my hair really smooth, and I also love it for pulling my hair up into a pony tail (excuse the pun) really neatly.
I use the natural hair brush for smoothing my hair once its dry and it really has made a differene, I've noticed using the two denman brushes has meant Ive been using my GHD's less, which is always good.
The extra large head hugger is the brush that I use the most for styling. Its super big and has a hollow inside to let air circulate. It really grips hair when blow drying and I've actually been able to blow dry waves into my hair myself nicely for the first time ever, usually I just get in a tangle. If I take my time with this brush when I'm blow drying there really isn't any need for any more styling, which has been a mission for me all my life, to try and save my dying locks from any more heat!

What brushes do you recommend for great looking hair?

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