Wednesday, 30 March 2011

FINALLY got my hands on it!

After daily visits to Superdrug I finally got the Sleek blush from the avoir la peche colletion called Pan Tao! and how it was worth the wait!!! A+ for the packaging, its pretty, and unlike other Sleek products it actually says what it is on the front (makes it much easier to find in the draw full of other Sleek face products!!!) I know by now its bla bla bla Sleek can do no wrong for me, but sorry its going to be like that again! I love this blusher..... the colour is mega off-putting, its basically bright orange, but you can see from the swatches it is more corally and can be blended. Its such a summery colour. It is completely matte, giving you the option to add shimmer or leave it out if you want. Obviously if your a light pink kinda gal, this isn't for you but the actual texture of the blushes is fantastic, really buildable and blendable so if this colour isn't for you still check out the range (the colour actually called 'coral' is beautiful too)

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