Thursday, 17 March 2011

Let them eat 'Peche'

I think Sleek are basically on a one brand mission to bankrupt me with all these new launches!

The newest collection is called Avoir la Peche and paraguaya is this palette. The collection also contains a nude/coral coloured lip conditioner and the blusher which I was going to buy but Superdrug didn't have it yet.... boo them!

I almost missed this palette if it wasn't for Adrienne at reminding me it was out!!! Thank you!

I didn't even want to touch the shadows, they looked good enough to eat :) but I did and once again what a beautiful mixture of nudes and extreme colours to suit everyone! I think the bright orange could put people off, but try dabbing it over red lippy to give a great matte coral effect, very on trend!

Here are some looks I found from s/s 2011 shows that could use colours from this palette:


Narciso Rodriguez


D&G (using the orange on the lips)

Carolina Herrera


  1. so glad you got one :) apparantly this collection was well distributed. yeah you can say that again :( hopefully we'll source the blush soon :) lovely swatches btw xxx

  2. Ah I so want to run along and get this!! x