Thursday, 4 November 2010

As if by magic

If you love sleeping in your makeup and then waking up and it basically being perfect for work that day then you’re going to LOVE Benefit's new liquid eyeliner (£14.50). It’s indestructible and stays a really sharp line without flaking like other liquids! It’s an amazing dramatic black which dries to an almost wet look finish.

If your after a little more budget version of this eyeliner then collection 2000's new extreme eye liner is another really long lasting liquid liner that just came out. It comes in some great colour variations too!

Magic inks sister product for dramatic eyes is Prrrowl! A blue glitter top coat mascara and lip gloss duo. The mascara takes alot of coats to be able to see but once its on its gorgeous, although you do have to be carefull with clashing eye colours. It does look amazing dotted over the top of magic ink liner though. The gloss is a really pretty baby pink, which is a little more opaque than most Benefit lipglosses.

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