Wednesday, 17 November 2010

old dog.... same tricks

So as I'm still trying to save the pennys, after my boyfriend kindly pointed out what my £100 of boots advantage cards points meant that I have previously spent at Boots, dont work it out, lets just say its bloody loads! I am finding that I'm re-descovering amazing products and heres a quick one I wanted to mention.

John Frieda, frizz eaze glossing mist (roughly £5). Its absolutly amazing at smoothing and 'De-fluffing' your hair after blowdrying or straightening, and it makes your hair very very shiny! Talking of hair, what do you think to my new 'non cheryl cole comparable' hair colour, almost back to my virgin hair colour

1 comment:

  1. liv will u please stop pre-empting my hair colour choices. its getting embarrassing