Friday, 18 February 2011

Maybe shes born with it...

Now I am a firm believer in cheaper mascaras being as good as the more expensive brands, and Maybelline Volume express is one of my favourites (slightly beaten by Volume express lift up). So when I saw they had launched a new Volume express I had to have it.
Its called The one by one and I think its about £8.99 ( I got mine with staff discount so the receipt says slightly less)
Its said to had a unique lash catcher brush, that 'catches and coats' each individual lash.
I have been trying out this mascara for a week now, here is a before and after:

Hummmm to be honest I cant quite make my mind up....Its a great colour, very dark black. The first coat goes on really well, so if you like it quick and natural looking its really good. But I like to build up mascara, and once you make that second coat its all sticks together. I tried twisting, I tried wiggling but the ends of the lashes still all stuck together (which you can see in the photo) and I couldn't get them apart.

My only advice is don't let this one put you off the whole range, I think volume express is a fantastic. Have you tried this mascara? What did you think?

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