Friday, 25 February 2011

Sleek - The Primer Palette

I told myself today that I couldn't buy any more products until I had finished blogging about all my new bits from this month... so be prepared to be bombarded!

I saw this palette on a few blogs of people who had been to the IMATS and obviously being a sleek obsessive I had to have it. I actually interrupted my boyfriends valentines day surprise to pop into Superdrug to buy it on the first day! Oops!
For anyone who hasn't seen it, its a palette of coloured eye shadow primers. Although to be perfectly honest I've been using them as cream shadows because I really like the smooth metallic finish they give.
Heres the swatches of the colours:

It doesn't last an amazingly long time, about a half a working day or a evening out. I have been putting alittle bit of Benefit 'Stay don't Stray' primer under to stick it down but it definitely works to intensify colour. Look what it did to the purple shadow from the sleek bad girl palette!! (Primer on top, no primer on bottom)

I am dying with excitement for the next sleek collection 'avoir la Peche' seen below. This includes a new palette (filled with corals and browns), a new blusher and a nude pout pot! And its all coming out on the 16th March, 2 days after my birthday.... how perfect :-)

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