Sunday, 4 September 2011

August Favourites

WOW, I've actually been organised enough to do a August favourites when its actually close enough to August for it to be acceptable. So here are the bits that I have been loving this past month, sorry in advance for being a total Benefit whore!

No7 Lipstick in Grace, I think this was from last summers limited edition collection called 'St Tropez'. I love this lipstick so much, I will actually cry when it finishes, god dam you limited editions! Shouldn't really tell you all about it as there is no way you can have it haha but the texture is so silky like a balm, the colour is just the most perfect 'my lips but better' pinky nude colour and if any one can recommend a dupe from the swatch I'll love you forever.

Benefit, They're real mascara. Honestly this really is the best mascara I have ever tried! The lengthening effect is amazing without the lashes looking all spidery. The true test was that naughty me fell asleep with all my makeup on last night, and its so long wearing it was unscathed this morning, no sign of any rub off either! You can see a full review here...

Benefit Browzings in Medium. If the 23 year old me told the 15 year old me that I would be obsessed with making my eyebrows dark I would have laughed in my face. It was so uncool to have big eyebrows when I was younger, I used to even bleach mine to make them lighter. Browzings is a wax and a powder that you mix together and apply to your brows with a brush. I just prefer it to a pencil, it gives a much stronger look.

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. I bought this sample size tinted moisturiser in America because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I really love it, makes my skin look so dewy, the colour is slightly light but nothing abit of bronzer cant fix and it gives really good coverage for a TM. It doesn't last that well but I've never really found a tinted moisturiser that has. I will definitely be buying this full size, even though its crazy expensive.
Benefit, That Gal face primer. I had forgotten how good this product actually is. I have dry skin so silica based primers seem to dry my skin out, this one is a cream base for brightening the skin. It makes my foundation last all day, and its stays looking 'just applied' all day. It really improves long lasting foundations like Double Wear which can dry out during the day. I'd seriously recommend if you have dry skin to try this product.

These are the two brushes I'm obsessed with at the moment. (Top) The stippling brush is some cheapo brand called 'Royal and Langnickel' but I wanted to see if I would use a stipple before I invested. I use it for everything, foundation, cream blusher, powder! I will be purchasing the Mac version very soon.

(Bottom) The contour blush brush from Sephora. I absolutely love the Sephora brushes, I think they could possibly be better than MAC ones (in my opinion). I use this one for contouring bronzer, I apply bronzer to the side of the brush then apply under the cheek bones. I might also get the ELF version of this brush because I've heard other people say they use it for foundation, but I wouldn't want to get oils in my powder brush.

Thank you for reading, What have been your August favourites?


  1. I've been having a similar experiment with stipple brunches, got an elf one when it was 50% off and have been using it lots for blush/bronzer but have yet to try it with foundation.

  2. I recently Got they're mascara and me likie ! But I do find it spidery and it gives no volume but the length it gives is amaaaazing!

  3. No7 Lipstick in editions!? How frustrating is that! Hahaha

  4. @holly,you should try the brush with foundations and T Moisturisers its amazing! Mine sheds abit but the finished look is gorgeous

    @Delyteful speaks yeh I know what you mean sometimes I have to put another mascara over the top for the volume but OMG the length is just insane!

    @Tasha Shahirah YEH!! I feel it will be a life long mission trying to find a good dupe! do you have it too?

  5. I love tinted moisturisers :)
    I hate the fact I don't have eyebrows I'm blonde haired so they don't really show I have to try and use a pencil to draw them on thinking of getting them tinted :s