Sunday, 25 September 2011

17 magnetized

On Friday I picked up the new 17 magnetized nail varnish in 'Green'. To be honest I was just so fascinated in how it worked I couldn't leave Boots without it.

So you paint the varnish on as normal (I left one coat un-magnetised then applied another), then straight away while its wet hold the magnet (in the lid) over the nail... and this is the finished result...
Pretty cool, I really love it and at £5.99 what a bargain! Only thing I would say is caution if your like me and your varnish normally chips before you open the front door in the morning, because of the art effect, every time it chips you have to completely remove the polish and start again. It does dry super fast which doesn't make it such a pain in the arse.

All of the colours in the range were beautiful jewel colours, perfect for autumn.


  1. This isn't on sale yet at my local boots :( I can't wait to get my hands on on for the sheer novelty factor :) x

  2. This looks so good on :) my boots only had the purple and red shade! I will be on the look out for this :) x

  3. @Emma, I found out this week, its only available in flagship stores until the 5th of october, then all stores get it!