Friday, 8 July 2011

Back to real life...

If you know me or follow me on twitter you will know that for the last two weeks I have been sunning it up in Hawaii with my family! and I thought before I talk about the RIDICULOUS amount of stuff that I bought while I was there I'd talk about the things I took with me.

Because of connecting flights etc I actually took all my luggage as carry on.... can you believe it!!!..... This meant that the horrible 'under 100ml' rule became my worst enemy, and I had to pack super light! Here are all the cosmetics that I took:

Now, I buy new products basically every single day so I think this packing actually showed me how little I actually use and what are my favourites!

For skin care I used Simple eye make up remover, Clarin's Gentle foaming cleanser and Benefit You rebel tinted moisturiser. To be honest I didn't really like the eye make up remover and the cleanser but they were the only things I had in miniature. The eye make up remover just isn't as good as others like Botanics or benefit and the cleanser wasn't really for my skin type!

I fell in love with my Chanel blusher/bronzer all over again! perfect amount of pink vs bronzer, perfect amount of shimmer vs matte, really worth the silly price tag!

I barely used mascara or concealer but I took Bourjois volume clubbing mascara and Mac pro longwear concealer in NW20.

Benefit bad gal waterproof liner, best waterproof pencil liner I've ever used and Benefit speed brow.

For the lips obviously the classic Carmex and YSL rouge pur couture, the lipstick I'm desperately trying to finish because I have never been so close to finishing a lipstick in my life!

And finally the only two things I need for my hair (considering I bought shampoo and conditioner while I was there) Frizz ease serum and Batiste!

What are your holiday must haves?

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