Saturday, 16 July 2011

We had been in the airport for five minutes ...

...and I already had these beauties in my duty free bag :-)

I got the Mac lipsticks in Shy Girl (left) and Vegas Volt (right). These are actually the first Mac lipsticks I have bought and I'm really impressed, although I'm not 100% sure I like the vanilla scent. Shy Girl is a brown based nude, with a slight peachy hint and Vegas Volt is a warm coral with a slight red hint.
Here is Shy Girl on me, I'm not sure what is wrong with me but I think I'm actually addicted to buying this colour lipstick, thankfully this one has enough peach in for me to like it on me.And Vegas Volt on me, it seems to look more red on me than other people but I really, really like this colour and I'm sure I'll wear it to death!


  1. really love how the angel lipstick looks on you.
    <3 xo