Saturday, 16 July 2011

NYX purchases

When I was in Hawaii I had to check out NYX after I had seen a few bits on Adrienne Adore's . Here are the bits I bought. The jumbo lip pencil in 'Coffee' and this flat face brush. Although the brush is meant to be for foundation I have been using it as a counter powder brush, for which it works really nicely. The lip pencil is actually really really nice for saying it was some crazy cheap price. Its very creamy, and almost like a balm in texture, the colour is strong, but not so opaque that it looks like foundation.
The name 'coffee' is really misleading, its actually a light baby pink, with a slight peach colour.
Here is is on, I think it would look better if I was wearing heavy eye make up, because it is a very wash out colour.If you ever do a USA swap I would really recommend picking out one of these pencils, they had a HUGE range of colours.

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  1. ive never really heard much about the lip pencils, and so never asked for them. but now your swatch has def convinced me to own one asap!