Thursday, 21 July 2011

Sleek Aruba

I'm not going to tell you about the Curacao palette, becasuse the world and his wife has swatched it and obviously I'm going to love it so bla bla bla. But I am going to show you some piccys of another item from the collection that people aren't so sure about.... The Aruba blusher.
I really like the formula of these blushes, they are powder, but not overly talcy, and they have the most insane pigment, a little goes such a long way. Now I've seen alot of people descibe this as "coral".... come on folks, I know that coral is a little bit more 'pretty' explanation but this blusher is down right ORANGE and lets not kid ourselves.
This swatch is applied heavily on the bottom and blended slightly on the top.
And here is what it looks like on me...

Really love this.... you do have to be careful in the application, a little too much and it can look like face paint/ oom pa lumpa skin.... but coral is the new pink and now orange is definitely the new coral!

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