Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sleek obsession continues

I'm a little late posting about these but I picked up the Monaco and Oh so special palette before I went on holiday and didn't get a chance to photograph them. So if you need one last convincing to buy them then here are my swatches (they are still available on the website).


And although its an awful drunken photo, and my best friend will probably never speak to me again, here is a look I did with Sand walker, Aqua Marine and Magenta madness from the palette.
I actually restrained from buying the rest of the collections, I'm a peach girl, not a pink... and definitely not a fushia

Oh so special:

I don't even need to rave about these palettes, I love every single one. I do agree with other people when they say that the quality of the matte powders isn't quite as good as the shimmers though.

And finally with a quote from my boyfriend.... "Surely there isn't any more colour left to make".... I go off to buy the Caribbean collection...

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  1. Who is that hottie next to you? I gots ta get me some! x x x