Sunday, 2 October 2011

Benefit: Watts Up Highlighter

Couple of things I want to say before I get started on this post, excuse my awful rate of posting at the moment, I feel like I'm so busy recently, although I'm not really doing anything out of the ordinary haha. Then secondly pleeeeeeease excuse my awful, untamed eyebrows in the next few posts, I'm going back for my next HD brow appointment this week and I let them grow loads so hopefully they can look super groomed! Right on to the product...

I thought I'd share with you a review on Benefit's new highlighter, Watts Up.
I've had mine about a month because of staff preview and it just been launched exclusively at Boots (I think it comes out everywhere else on 8th Oct) so I've been having a good play on myself as well as on customers.

Benefit say this is a "Soft focus highlighter for the face". The colour is like a bronzey/champagne, its in a stick form, and the texture is a cream to powder when blended.

Here you can see the colour, on the top its unblended and below I bended it with my finger.
So what have I found from using it...

Ive found it goes over the top of make up much better than the liquid highlighters such as 'Highbeam', you don't have to be careful in the way you blend, just draw it over foundation and blend with your fingers. The colour is also really flattering, especially with a darker/olive skin tone. It gives a really glowy finish as you can see below, which I do find might suit a drier skin best, on a oily it can look a little "sweaty". It also shimmer not glitter... hallelujah!!! I hate highlighters that are full of glitter! Like most highlighters, I would avoid putting it in the centre of the face where the pores are bigger.
The only thing I found kind of disappointing about the product is the lack of smell, I really like Benefit's product scents, they are usually fruity and fresh, but this one just smells like its ingredient Shea Butter, which I always find smells abit "fatty"

Overall I really like the easiness of this product, that its no fuss to apply and portable, the colour is also gorgeous, and just what the brand needed.

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  1. Great review, Thanks for sharing :)
    I wonder if I could pull this off on my light skin tone...