Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Cha Cha Tint

On the 25th June Benefit are introducing another member to the famous tint family, Cha Cha tint. If you have never tried either Benetint or PosieTint they are red and pink cheek and lip stains. Here is the newbie, Cha Cha Tint:Its a 'mango', bright orangey coral colour, with a creamy gel formula.

I really love this on the lips, it gives quite a red/coral colour, that you can see below. The colour dries matter and stay of for about 6ish hour, it does fade slightly through the day though. The tints always last for yonks in the jar too because you use very little.

I am not a fan of it on the cheeks on me, although when I tried it on training it looked amazing on some people, especially fair blondes. I don't think I really like the sheer colour look on my cheeks haha.

Its really on trend colour at the moment too and will be lovely for summer if I ever get a natural tan :(


  1. ooh this looks so lovely on your lips! I'm currently bleaching my hair back to blonde as we speak so maybe i should splash out and get it haha x

  2. I've debating whether to get this or not.. It's such a pretty shade but I did find it be a lil too sheer for my cheeks.. Like u I like a pop of colour on my cheeks =p

    Looks lovely on ur lips tho!