Saturday, 28 May 2011

Soleil tan de Chanel...

It finally came....Chanel 'poudre soleil 4 lumieres'. Of the two '4 facettes bronzing powder' I chose the Rose colour which is very unusual for me to pick pink over coral, but the dark brown in the coral scared me to death... it the very dark!

Here is the swatch, left to right is top to bottom in blush:

Here is it on me:

This blusher seems to go on really dark with the brush it comes with, but hardly at all with my own blusher brush :S but I think it will just take some getting used to.

The colour is beautiful, you can customise it to be quite coraly (like in the above photo) or rose or bronze. The darkest bronze also makes a great contourer.

Its going to be perfect for holiday because its a blusher, bronzer and highlighter in one.

Of course with it being Chanel the product lasts for ages on the skin and the powder is a beautiful light texture! GAWD I love Chanel!


  1. looks fab on :) I bought the coral version the rose one didnt really show up on me :( x

  2. It looks so pretty, I want to try it. It really suits you and your very pretty.


  3. @Adrienne, I know from your blog that you love a good coral! cant wait to see the pictures of yours.


  4. aww thank you miss vanity, you should have a try of both the colours, I think they would both suit you! xxx

  5. I want to buy this at duty you reccomend it? i love a good bronzer! xx

  6. Right, I'm sold! I was hovering around this bronzer for ages at local Chanel counter. Must have looked very suspicious, but I just could not decide! Looks lovely on you. I'm a newbie Chanel lover. I can see it getting expensive. xx