Saturday, 28 May 2011

Maybe shes born with it...

I'll be honest, I actually really like Maybelline. I know I'm meant to be a premium girl, but they always do such great things for cheaper brands! While I was in New York I picked up this new foundation, 'Fit me', which isn't out yet in the UK and an old classic 'Great Lash'.

'Fit me' is a light coverage foundation that says it gives a flawless, breathable, natural skin finish. And to be fair, they are pretty much right, its really light in texture but the coverage is light to medium, it really does gives a flawless finish. I love it because it has a really dewy finish which doesn't dry off, similar to Mac 'face and body'. Its not the most long wearing foundation though, probably about 4/5 hours of wear.

In the picture below I have foundation on the right side and bare face on the left (excuse the bags under my eyes :-S). This is actually a very good photo and my skin really is more blotchy than this but you can see the foundation doesn't look heavy but just evens skin out and gives a glow.

Once this is out in the UK I will most definitely be buying a new one, its actually my favourite foundation at the moment. I'd really recommend anyone going to the states to pick one up!

I also bought 'Great lash' a favourite mascara of mine when I was a teenie bopper. I know people really love this mascara, even Victoria Beckham is a fan but I'm just not a fan anymore. Isn't it weird how one persons favourite mascara can be someone elses worst nightmare. I find it doesn't seem to separate enough and sticks my lashes together at the end, I also find it smudges under my eyes throughout the day quite badly. I do love how very very black it is though.

Bare lashes:Vs Great lash lashes:I do think this is a great mascara for someone just wanting a little bit of definition, instead of big fat clumpy lashes like me.

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