Wednesday, 18 May 2011

zoom zoom...

I knew it was only a matter of time before I bought this mascara. I love Bourjois, especially their mascaras... and this one has a motor!
'Volume fast and perfect'(£7.99) is a battery powered, rotating mascara. To be honest I thought it was abit of a gimmick but it actually really separates the lashes and lifts them loads!The brush has loads of bristles too which is great, makes it easy to fan out the lashes
Heres my bare lashes:

Heres with Volume fast and perfect. Bear in mind that I like to wear mascara quite heavy and you can make it alot less clumpy:

...On an off note.... fellow bloggers, aren't these close up eye pictures the scariest thing...I'm sure I had my eyebrows done like last week :-S

Anyway, I would say theres a few things I don't like about this mascara, the actual mascara tube is really small, giving the impression it wont last long but we will see. The product is a grey/black and I prefer a jet black. Finally I'm worried the battery might not last as long as I'll use it, but I have had a go with it without the motor and its still pretty good.

Really really like this, its definitely found a place in my makeup bag. It might seem abit silly but it actually really works! Check it out!

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