Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Clarins Daily Energizers

For about 3 weeks now I have been using the new Clarins daily energizers. I basically couldn't resist the bargain-alicious starter pack. At £19.50 you got a full sized cream then a 30ml cleanser and a 30ml wake up booster.
This is what Clarins have to say about the range:

"A range of gentle yet super effective plant based skin care products exclusively for 18 to late 20's skin.

Daily energizer cleansing gel: Removes makeup and pollution for clean blemish free, detoxified skin.

Daily energizer wake up booster: Instantly freshens, tones and hydrates skin each morning.

Daily energizer cream: Moisturises, protects and treats normal to dry skin"

I actually think this range is really interesting, you never really find a skin care range that is basically for a normal younger skin with out many skin concerns. So I was impressed when I saw this range and decided to make it my first ever Clarins purchase. Yey.

The cleanser is a gel formula, as you can see below:

It smells lovely and fresh, not too sweet and not too strong. It really does take off all makeup, I usually cleanse twice at night but to be honest you don't always need to with this. It doesn't lather up too much, you can see in this photo:

My skin is quite dry and it does feel quite tight after using this cleanser though, if you had a slightly more combination skin I'm sure it would be just right.

The wake-up booster is really lovely, although I'm still a little confused as to what it does, because it isn't quite a toner. It smells gorgeous though and is very cooling, lovely in the morning.

The moisturiser looks more like a gel than a cream (see photo below) but it does feel thicker when applied and would definitely feel too rich on a oily skin (there is also a lotion and a cream/gel in the range). Again it smells beautiful, the smells are quite natural in all the products and not too over powering.

If your skins normal - combination I would really recommend trying this starter kit, its a lovely size. Full size the cleanser is £10.50 and the booster is £15 and its available exclusive to Boots until mid June

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