Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Sleek Luminaire Highlight Concealer

With me being abit of a Sleek addict I had to pick up the new concealer when it arrive in Superdrug. Its my life long struggle to find the perfect concealer for under the eyes as I have very dry under eyes, with large dark circles.
At first, I'll be honest, I wasn't actually very impressed, it felt abit thick, if you compare it to classics like 'Touche Eclat' and the colour looked very light (I got a L02, 2nd lightest shade). But as I started to take photos for this blog post my opinion started to change! Its great... the thickness means its actually a conceals as well and the colour seems to darken slightly when it starts to dry.

Look at this photo if you need proof: left side = yuk! right side = fresh!

I think its maybe slightly dry on my eyes, but fine if used straight over a eye cream. I'd really recommend this if your looking for a darker colour shade too because Sleek always do an amazing range.

How did anyone else find this product? Love at first use or growing on you like me?


  1. Hey just wondering how u used it because I just bought it today and nothing seems to be coming out the brush? help

    bev x

    1. @bev You have to click it on the bottom loads before it comes out but sometimes those pen concealers are faulty so take it back and swap it if it really isn't working? xxx

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