Wednesday, 10 August 2011

L'oreal One sweep eye shadow

Back in May I blogged about a L'oreal "Gadget" product I was interested in checking out, have a look here. Well surprise surprise, I bought it while I was in America recently and here it is.

Its the L'oreal one sweep eye shadow in 809 "natural for brown eyes".
Here's what L'oreal have to say about it: "Unique applicator applies 3 shades in one sweep to define, colour and highlight eyes." I say.....Bit of a fail! It doesn't really work, the applicator is too stiff and the colours just blend into one. Here is what it looks like on, although looking at this picture it looks like it works slightly better than it looks in the mirror haha!
The thing that saves it how ever is that the colours are beautiful and work really nicely together. They are really soft and metallic, they almost look like creams when swatched (top 3 are the colours separately and below is applied with the applicator.)
I also love the cute little mirror that is packaged inside under the applicator. I will be using these colours again but unfortunatly the applicator will probably go in the bin and out with come the 217!


  1. Lol it's like those sticker things that do this too! A Japanese brand released one during Christmas where you do the same thing with your finger - needless to say, I haven't seen the product around now! :P

    The colours do look gorgeous though, so wearable! :)

  2. Those colours do look really nice, I have so many shades of brown though I should probably branch out a bit more and experiment! But then again brown on brown eyes is easy quite foolproof when i'm rushing out!