Monday, 8 August 2011

New lippies

When I first started writing this blog, I took a picture of my whole lipstick collection, fiddled around with the effects on Photoshop and made it into my blog banner......yep, read that again MY WHOLE LIPSTICK COLLECTION. I was a total gloss/balm girl, never really wore lipstick at all. Fast forward to the present....... and this is what my lipstick draw looks like now. It had a growth spurt.And here are 3 newbies about to find their home in this draw. Left to right, Elf all over colour stick in Pink Lemonade, Barry M lip paint in number 147 and Sleek's true colour sheen lipstick in Cherry.
This is 'Cherry' on, its a dark purpley/red although these kinda colours always come out redder in photos. I bought this lipstick to replace one that my sister managed to put in the washing machine! I love these formulas, I raved on about them when they came out. They are my go to range for strong pigmented colours.

Barry M lip paint, great matte peachy/coral. Formula is know for being quite drying, but abit of carmex does the trick although its not as opaque over a balm.
The all over colour stick is probably the first time on this blog I will say that I don't actually like a product. It was silly really, I put down the coral version of this stick saying "I have too many corals" and picked out this frosted pink. Well it turns out the reason I have alot of corals is because I prefer them to pink... rookie mistake and its frosted.... arghhhh what was I thinking. The formula itself is lovely, quite thick so gives good pigment and they smell lovely and fruity. I did have a little play with it on my cheeks (shown below) and this is where I'll use it from now on. Its a nice compact stick though, great for travel and my make an appearance on an up coming camping trip!

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  1. oh i love the look of sleek's cherry. have to go take a closer look in my superdrug now :)