Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Mini e.l.f haul

These are some bits I bought while I was on holiday in the states in June, I cant believe its taken me this long to blog about them. This is my first introduction to the brand e.l.f/eye.lips.face. I had never even seen a product of theirs before but thought I'd give then a chance seen as they are cheap as chips.
I bought the make up mist and set, the studio powder blusher in ticked pink and the studio golden bronzer.

I'll start by mentioning the mist, at first I was abit like "is this actually doing anything?" it made my skin feel fresh but that seemed about it, but today in sight of doing this post I actually tried to pay attention to my make up and how long it lasts, and this does actually work. I sprayed it on after doing my make up with the products I use everyday, noticeably the foundation lasted hours longer than normal. Its also really nice for "dampening" (for lack of a better word) a very matte foundation to make it dewy. The smell is abit horrid and slightly chemically but for a second of spritzing I can get over that. It isn't sticky or anything when applied. Well worth getting if you have a drier skin.
Here are the blusher and the bronzer:Really nice soft formula in both. As you can see from the picture below though (4 bronzer colours on top, blusher below), neither of them have a strong pigment.
The bronzer is very fine and subtle which makes it a really lovely setting powder for all over the face. The shimmer itself is fine too which means its not crazily glittery and the shimmer last all day with the fixing spray over the top. Its perfect for making the skin look alive on a night out or after a night out! I also really love how the blushers are packaged like Nars, they look really expensive.
I wouldn't say that any of these products are a "must have" there are defiantly better products out there but then for the prices they are absolutely amazing quality. Great alternatives to more expensive products such as studio fix, MSF (although I think I actually prefer this bronzer to MSF) or the shimmer bricks and Nars blushers.

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  1. Oo i made my first ELF order on Saturday taking advantage of the 50% off code, quite excited to see how the products turn out. Ordered the fixing spray and quite a few brushes, might do another order to try some actual makeup now though! x