Friday, 5 August 2011

Bourjois, Delice De Soleil

Do you sometimes find that your foundation is darker than your neck?

Do you fake tan to the point of tango then realise your foundation doesn't match?

Have you been sun worshipping but with a high SPF on your face (well done you)?

Problem SOLVED!
OMG I freaking love this product. I kinda bought it because it was abit of a gimic and I LOVE gimics but its probably going to be finished soon because I love it so much, I might for the first time in my life buy a back up!
This spray on bronzer by Bourjois launched as part of the summer collection. Its a fine powder spray that comes in one bronze shade. However it can be layered to make it darker.

I have been wearing this spray on its own and it does give alittle coverage to the face. I apply this at arms length after my foundation but before anything else, I spray it evenly all over the face. Some people have been saying that they blend the product after its applied, but I haven't found I needed to do that. Although if you were wanting to do something fancy like contour with this product you would maybe hold it closer and blend.

I have been using this on my face when I have been fake tanning my body to make everything match, but it can also be used on the body as a wash off tanner.

Here are some swatches, on the left the product is sprayed heavily and on the right of the big strip, it is sprayed lightly as you probably would on the face.
And here is the one sided woman, product on the right, none on the left. I was pretty heavy handed so it showed up in the photo, I'm not actually half Oum Pa Lumpa.

Has anyone else tried this product? What did you think?

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