Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Small Miracle

I wanted to try the VO5 Miracle Concentrate after seeing Vivianna, from Vivianna does makeup giving it a rave review. If you have ever seen one of Vivianna's video you can understand why I literally ran out and bought any hair product she recommended!OMG this product is amazing, at first the whole oil on my hair thing had me abit freaked out because come on..... thats kinda why I washed it in the first place. But this formula is so lightweight. I have been putting it on the drier ends when my hair is towel dried and staying away from the scalp. It honestly feels like my split/dry ends have got better, so much easier to brush and less frizzy! I also put it right on the very ends after I have blow dried to make them smoother and shiny. At a tiny £5 I'm so impressed with this product! If like me you have split and dry ends but a pathological fear of the hair dressers, BUY THIS OIL!

Everyone has been banging on about Argan oil and Moroccan oil and this has actually made me consider trying the more expensive oils, any recommendations?

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  1. I totally love Vivianna does makeup too! I heard her raving about this product and got it straight away (especially with how amazing her hair is), think boots were doing it with a 1/3 off which made it even better!
    Loving your blog btw! Just found it through a Pixielashes video and reading back through old posts :) x